Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Most Favorite Thing

I just found my most favorite thing. Yes yes yes I know that once you see it you'll say, "Really? Jules? It took you this long to find it?" And I'll say, "Yes, really, it took me this long." But just as license plate cover wisdom unabashedly declares: though it was late, it was definitely worth the wait. Feast your heart on this babies-
YouTube - JK Wedding Entrance Dance

You must watch the video before you continue reading. Watch it. Right now. Or the ghosts of Jill and Kevin's ancestors will.... ... .. . MAKE YOU WATCH IT. Also my ancestors.

This is why this is my most favorite thing-
1. ain't nobody going to tell Jill and Kevin how to do a proper wedding
2. there is no way in heaven this marriage will not work out as it is built on the letters F.D.FF.GM.NR. ( mike.november india. in military alphabet): Fun.Dancing.Friends & Family.Good Music.No Regrets. What could be more fun than marrying your best friend after forever dancing down the aisle with everyone you love?
3. sigh. crying. sal (smiling and laughing).
4. the only thing that would make this better is if it were at the reception following the celestializing of the marriage at the temple

Lesson learned-to not let nobody tell ME how to do a proper wedding ;)


  1. I cant wait to go to your reception! Dancing and dancing. Maybe you could play step up 2 - in the streets. Oh ya! Love ya jules.

  2. If you want dancing at your reception count me in...we need to strap down and really get that Single Ladies dance. It would be a perfect segway into the bouquet toss!

  3. Watching this made coming to work today all worth it... and of course hearing your voice in my head.