Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Most Favorite Thing

I just found my most favorite thing. Yes yes yes I know that once you see it you'll say, "Really? Jules? It took you this long to find it?" And I'll say, "Yes, really, it took me this long." But just as license plate cover wisdom unabashedly declares: though it was late, it was definitely worth the wait. Feast your heart on this babies-
YouTube - JK Wedding Entrance Dance

You must watch the video before you continue reading. Watch it. Right now. Or the ghosts of Jill and Kevin's ancestors will.... ... .. . MAKE YOU WATCH IT. Also my ancestors.

This is why this is my most favorite thing-
1. ain't nobody going to tell Jill and Kevin how to do a proper wedding
2. there is no way in heaven this marriage will not work out as it is built on the letters F.D.FF.GM.NR. ( mike.november india. in military alphabet): Fun.Dancing.Friends & Family.Good Music.No Regrets. What could be more fun than marrying your best friend after forever dancing down the aisle with everyone you love?
3. sigh. crying. sal (smiling and laughing).
4. the only thing that would make this better is if it were at the reception following the celestializing of the marriage at the temple

Lesson learned-to not let nobody tell ME how to do a proper wedding ;)

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Next item of business: BOSTON trip to visit BFF Michie!! Much much fun :). I had never been to Boston so everything was new and exciting. Due to the colossal amount of pictures I took I decided to make this post a "photo diary" if you will with simple yet informative explanative captions for your viewing and reading pleasure. Enjoy :)

Me in front of the prodigious Boston Library. I'm not sure if I believe it is actually a library because I didn't see a single book the entire time I was there...

Me and Michie in the library's menagerie (this city must be loaded if they can afford to throw away 45 tons of tea and put a menagerie in the library ;))

THE building where beautiful Michie works... Little girl in the big city! So much proud :)

We walked through the Boston Commons=a magical garden in the middle of dowtown, late one night. I felt like Alice in Wonderland because it was filled with whimiscal plants and tiny mythical creatures so elusive that I could never get one on camera. I pointed one out to a passerby, who looked at me and after denying seeing the creature said, "buzzed garden-walking is drunk garden-walking." Whatever that means. Weirdo. Here is a picture of one of the crazy plants

The Commons also contained large, creepily-lit statues. This one should have been Paul Revere but for some reason was not. It monumentalized some character, whose name I did not recognize and can not now remember, we'll call Paul Revere.

Ahh this was indeed a highlight of the trip. The Jamaican Street Dance team. They kept singing a song that went like this:

"nuff people say they know they cant believe, jamaica we have a street dance team"

and then they rapped off their names like Derice, Junior, and... maybe.. Sanka? I don't know it was hard to understand them because they were speaking Jamaican. They kept talking about wanting to be in the Olympics, poor li'l guys, I didn't have the heart to tell them Jamaicans will never be Olympic street dancers. Maybe they should try something a little more applicable to their geographic region, like, say, bobsledding?

This part of the routine was called "Sacrificial Child Dance." The kid's father seemed very enthusiastic about him being a part of this segment. The increasing number of Pageant Dads in this country is cause for alarm...


And now the freedom walk along the famous Freedom Trail!!/lunch at one of the 6,734 Italian restaurants along the way!

And now Dance Party Nation time at one of the 6,734 clubs along the Dance Party Nation Trail downtown!! Seriously such a good time.. Dorothy! Ha!

And now Singles Ward Church at Trinity Church at Harvard Campus time! The only known LDS ward building in the world once used to hold infamous, yet effective, witch trials.

One of my favorite parts out of the favortie parts of the trip was visiting the Museum of Fine Arts! And one of my favorite tombs out of the favorite tombs was this, believed to house the entangled bodies of lovers Radames and Aida. Legend has it that after the museum closes each night, music by Elton John and Tim Rice can be heard coming from the tomb.

Finally, one of the most mind-boggling exhibits was this contemporary piece. It creates an optical illusion that appears to cut you off mid-thigh, replacing your head and torso with an eternity of blown glass vases. Amazing! M.C. Escher how do you do it...

I leave you with a brain teaser of my own. A "Find the Precious Jule" of sorts. Happy solving!

haha Loves! ;)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The past four months have been really busy and they actually haven't been that busy but I can't think of any other excuse to say except that I'm reall

Hi yall! It's so good to be back :). I didn't really go anywhere, just didn't visit the blog world for a time I guess. I missed it much though! It's sort of like coming home to my other home. My more virtual, more binary home. Still home. Let's get down to business. One of my favorite blog topics is my adventures around the world, most of which happen right here in the great state of U-T-A-H. First off, M-O-A-B, the hiking/off-roading/slick-rock biking (slicking) hippie capital of the world. Game on.

BFF Burtie and I set off on a sunny Friday afternoon for a weekend retreat of hiking under the blazing southwest sun,

cooler eating and sleeping under the multitudinous stars.

Soundtrack: strictly Amos Lee, with a dash of Bob Marley. With such a fail-safe plan as this, we expected nothing but red rock perfection. The Ab did not disappoint.

We saw Skull Arch
Walkthrough Arch Meditative State Valley
BFF Arch

And my personal favorite: Ranger Patrick.

Let me tell you a story about Ranger Patrick. After barraging him with a myriad of questions that sounded something like this, "Ranger Patrick, is Ranger really your first name?" and "Ranger Patrick, what do you do when you're not ranging?" I found out a thing or two about him. Turns out he has been a park ranger for ten years and he travels around the country's national parks learning every detail there is to know and then educating us amateurs. He was a wealth of information, an individual to be admired, respected,

feared. Also turns out his first name isn't Ranger. He calls it merely a "job title." I call it what his parents actually should have named him.

All in all, a pret-ty good time. Can't wait to return to beautiful Moab Utah! Thanks to Burt for great companionship, hike planning, and adult supervision. Mwah :)

Domo arigato! in Japanese hahaha ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ahh time to update myself (I am sure that by now I am the only witness to this blog) on our trip to SAN FRANCISCO 2009!! Primary goal of the trip was to visit my bro-Shniki, sis-in-law-Dani, and favorite: new addition to the family/member of the family/precious baby-Caleb (so much cuteness). Secondary goals were to meet lots of happy couples (I had heard they are present in abundance in the city), navigate the most devious and dishonest street in the world, and become a great American by conquering the terrifying roller coasters at the nation's greatest theme park.
Check, check, and check. And check.

Trying to figure out why couples in the City were so joyful: perplexing.

Attempting to understand how Lombard Street is in any way dishonest: confusing.

Wondering how riding roller coasters made me a great American: disconcerting (no wonder some of our country's leaders are at a loss as to making decisions beyond the scope of amusement parks)
Meeting all of my goals: priceless.

To elaborate further, we found Shnik, Dani and precious baby Caleb to be doing very well in thriving Silicon Valley. I felt nervous when I heard they were moving to a placed nicknamed after plastic surgery appurtenances, but, luckily, none has been affected by the growing trend and they remain implant-free. They live in a beautiful area of Mountain View, California, are happily married, and are excellent parents to a fine baby boy. Can life get any better? Probablement pas. They deserve every joy and happiness that they have been blessed with. Kisses to them :).

Next, true to form, San Francisco was imbued with delightfully happy couples such as this. San Francisconian couples are, in fact, so full of joy that they wreathe the entrances of their tunnels with a rainbow halo:

I noted the peculiarity of this abundance of happy couples and speculated as to the cause, only to give up soon thereafter, kvetched. Maybe they just drink a lot of wine at their Golden Gate Bridge-view picnics? Hopefully not right before meandering down to Lombard Street, however...

Approaching my next goal, I felt a little apprehensive about the kind of experience a devious street would present. Drugs? Undesired solicitations? Jaywalking? To my relief, the street was surprisingly benign, even clean and beautiful. It took us quite some time to maneuver as it was very windy, but no signs of dishonesty exhibited. Puzzling...

Finally, my citizenship was upgraded when I became a great American, or was "Hannitized," as conservative bloggers would say, after besting every roller coaster at Great America--a sense of accomplishment to be sure. A nebulous sense (I still lack the foresight to see the connection between patriotism and amusement parks), but a sense all the same. Who needs all the answers anyway? I'll take my upgrade no questions asked thanks.

Yep, overall the trip was a great success. I saw my dear family, encountered gay couples, navigated the crookedest street in the world, and visited Great America amusement park. Though many unanswered questions remain, I did eventually find the source of the joy that radiated from the happy couples:

Nuff said. ;)

P.S. Shnik and I found evidence of the beginnings of gang warfare among "The Burghers of Calais" in the Rodin Sculpture Garden at Stanford. Apparently the burghers are the predecessors of modern day Bloods and Crips, as well as some lesser Chicano gangs

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi hi! BLOGGING TIME. Ahh so much to write about, so little time. Don't tell my teachers I am blogging instead of studying for the boards. I should feel guilty, but what I really feel guilty about is my very belated Happy Birthday wish to a very special republic: the United States of America. Happy 233rd, Country. I celebrated our nation's birthday with the late Lavell Edwards and the Jonas Brothers. The fireworks were fantastic and the Jo Bro's sang many _____ (sometimes I like to play Madliblogs and let you fill in the blank--please insert your favorite adjective here) songs. I kept waiting for them to sing "Happy Birthday," but they must have forgotten. Whether they forgot that it was our country's birthday or simply forgot the words to the song I don't know, but we'll forgive their absent-mindedness and chalk it up to the 17 million screaming 11-year-old girls. The poor boys looked terrified! As far as I could tell, though, the girls were simply "trying out" for the group as they screamed the words to every song the Bro's sang. I kept trying to remind them that the group is the Jonas Brothers, but the sweet things must have thought the addition of a "little sister" would complete the ensemble. Well, live free, die hard little sisters. My hat's off to them for not only not giving up, but getting louder and more animated with each new song ;). Hahaha oh they were so cute and hilarious to watch, I loved it! Sweet juvenescence :).

Also to celebrate the birth of the land that I love, Mum, Dad, Baby Sister and I hiked for 233 minutes from the mountains to the prairies, to the not oceans (more like tiny beautiful reservoir)

white with foam. God bless it. Truly, the hike was a precious jewel in the setting of our beautiful country. We took many photographs of the wonderful sights beheld. Because Baby Sister is still in Young Womyn's, we decided to find symbols of the seven precious jewels in her life--the YOUNG WOMYN VALUES--among nature. Mostly we found flowers. Here they are:


Divine Nature

Individual WorthMaterial Wealth


It was about this point that we remembered the eternal principle: opposition in all things. Therefore, we decided to look for the "anti-values" as foils to the remaining VALUES FOR YOUNG WOMYN (which are Good Works and Integrity):

This bathroom was full of Bad Word(k)s... close enough

This spider was a deceptive, dishonest cheater marked by duplicitous, fraudulent behavior.

Ahh the lessons learned from nature. All in all, a pret-ty fantastic weekend. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of Jewely and celebrated appropriately. To all you 11-year-old Jonas Little Sister hopefuls, keep practicing your screaming, it's going to take a lot more than that to convince the Bro's to genderficate.

Love to you :)

P.S. I forgot to mention the hike was also a gansta's paradise. Doesn't Mum look like a cholla? And Baby Sister's sitting like that because she just got shot at

P.P.S. I know what you're thinking, and I know that Lavell Edwards is not dead, but he was really, really late to the show

Key Terms: (this time I pulled from URBAN as well as what I already had in my brain)

juvenescence-1. youthhood (being young and in the hood); youngness. 2. having the power to make young or youthful: a juvenescent elixir. 3. having the nature of a 11-year-old screaming girl trying out to be a Jonas Little Sister

YOUNG WOMYN VALUES/VALUES FOR YOUNG WOMYN-a feministic approach to the maidenly scruples sought after by religious juvenescent females

genderficate-1. the integration of the male and female sex in a group or community. 2. to add a "little sister" to a pop trio brotherhood

cholla-Latino gangsta gurrl wit' her homebase in east L.A., wearin' colored bandana's, packin' both lipstick AND heat, talkin' trash 'bout other girls stealin' her boo, datin' thugs that wear tank tops coupled with a fresh pair of Ecko sweats. Don't git herrr stahted, Nah-uh! No you dihhant?!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hello everyone. I am sure there are not a lot of ones reading this, but for every one that is, this one's for you. This is Alpha, my first blog post of all time. This marks the beginning of a beautiful journey into the heart and soul of a truly precious Jule. Born a red-head, I was first a ruby. Now turned blonde, a topaz I've become.

**I must admit that I did not at first know if there was a true yellow jewel, so I asked Wiki and he answered: Topaz comma yellow. He also told me that to fully self-actualize as a topaz I must aggregate: Calm mind/body; Deep sleep; Fulfillment of dreams/wishes by focusing into the facets; Healing; Intentional creation; Lust; Other realms; Psychic ability; Protection in home from fire, accidents, wealth & love. I must also be worn as a talisman set in gold on left arm for protection from envy, intrigue, disease, injury, sudden death, sorcery, negative magic & lunacy.**

I now know that the measure of my success will be how well I can be worn as a psychic sleep-inducing talisman (like a magical amulet) set in gold on the left arm for protection from envy, SD, and varied other-worldly attacks; only then will I have realized my full potential. Thank you Abraham Maslow.

You might think that I am now going to say "Omega," but you would be wrong. Because there's a lot more where this came from (if you go to the dance with me). Ones-I love you. Hugs and kisses to you if you want them XOXOXO. If not, throw them in the garbage, Mayne street style.

Key terms: (courtesy of and Julie's brain)
alpha-1.the first letter of the Greek alphabet (A, α). 2. the vowel sound represented by this letter. 3. the first; beginning. 4. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. used to designate the brightest star in a constellation. 5. D-wight. Sch-rute.

Jule-1.sandy-blonde hair, um... pretty good lookin face. (there is no definition for Jule, therefore I deferred to its closest relatives, joule, and julep, respectively, to complete the definition) 2.the SI unit of work or energy, equal to the work done by a force of one newton when its point of application moves through a distance of one meter in the direction of the force: equivalent to 107 ergs (don't ever call me that) and one watt-second (you can call me that if you want). 3.a sweet drink, variously prepared and sometimes medicated. *mmm sounds delicious and exhilarative bring together; collect into one sum, mass, or body. amount to (the number of): The AK-47 sniper rifles captured from the [offensive racial slur] infidels will aggregate five or six hundred million thousand. 3.Geology. (of a rock) consisting of a mixture of minerals separable by mechanical means.

negative magic-1.the negative use of energies and power by jealous and malicious human beings of Kalyuga, whose main objective is to harm or deprive others from something, or influence them to do something wrong or negative. 2.magic that is in the red. BAILOUT